Group Workshops

Come experience easy, relaxing pain free movements in a small group workshop in our Somatics studio. These workshops are arranged around you and your group with goals tailored to your needs. We recommend a private, one-to-one Somatics assessment as the quickest way to start the re-education of your brain and eliminate pain before you participate in a workshop.

Workshops introduce the fundamentals of Hanna Somatics that promote movement mastery, muscle function, and body awareness. Somatic Exercises are gentle, safe, and dramatically effective at eliminating pain, and increasing movement and flexibility. Somatic movement classes provide the basic and advanced tools for eliminating pain, and incorporating the unique concepts and techniques of Somatics into daily, functional movement.

Take back control of your pain and get your freedom of movement back, YOU are in control of how much you feel like moving, we never stretch or work through pain in Somatics!

Before Your Workshop

Your experience is important to us. Here are some friendly suggestions to help us create great experiences and happy atmosphere during your workshop.


Please allow sufficient time to find our studio, park and prepare for your workshop. See the Google map at the bottom of the page.


Because you will be moving during the workshop, you should wear loose, comfortable clothing for ease of movement (no jeans, skirts, or dresses).


Please ensure that you know the medications you are currently taking and prepare a brief summary of any existing medical conditions.


After the appointment, I will prepare a self-care routine for you. Daily practice is vital to long-term pain relief and efficient movement.


Most conditions are resolved within 4-6 sessions, while more severe conditions (scoliosis and certain cases of trauma) may require more sessions.


It may not cross your mind but making sure you’re well hydrated before you arrive is really important, especially in hot conditions.