treat back pain LetchworthTreat back pain with Hanna Somatics

Do you have chronic back pain? Tried pills, creams, physio – nothing works?If this all sounds familiar it’s time to eliminate chronic back pain for good!Hanna Somatics has the answer; it goes to the root of most chronic muscular pain including back pain. Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) is the condition of chronically tight muscles that can develop due to accidents, injuries, surgery, and general persistent stress. It works for everyone – children and oldies alike! Retrain your brain to relax and release chronically tight muscles and the muscles to remember how to move easily and properly again.
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What is Hanna Somatics?

Hanna Somatic Education is a scientifically-based movement re-education that teaches the brain how to relax and move the muscles properly. Most chronic pain comes from the brain and the way in which it senses and organises the muscles and movement. By understanding how chronic muscle pain develops, you can restore full nervous system control of both muscles and movement.

This results in improved awareness, balance and control, as well as efficiency and joy of movement.
Want to treat back pain Letchworth? Call me today on 0773 444 5000 .

How can you treat back pain with Hanna Somatics?

I have taught Hanna Somatics to clients for many years with great results. Hanna Somatic movements work so well because:

  • The movements are simple and easy to learn
  • The movements are very subtle and therefore can be used even by those who are experiencing quite a lot of pain
  • The movements encourage my clients to tune into their bodies in a way many of them have never done before
  • The movements reawaken sensory-motor control of muscles that have become chronically contracted
  • The movements work quickly and efficiently
  • The movements give my clients the tools to relieve their own discomfort and thus become self-reliant rather than dependent me or other costly pain relief treatments
Want to treat back pain Letchworth? Call me today on 0773 444 5000 .