reflex2amendedThe Trauma Reflex is usually a response to accidents and injuries and where the body due to an injury to avoid more pain.

This reflex is caused by repetitive positions, for example, holding a young child on your hip, a sudden fall, limping on one side in response to, an injury on the other side, falling on your coccyx  or suffering from appendicitis. This reflex displays side bending and rotations in the pelvis/trunk/shoulder/head. This postural compensation may be slight, or very noticeable, but its effects can be devastating.

Due to Sensory Motor Amnesia, some people stay stuck in the extremes of these postural reflexes out of habit, unable to sense the postural imbalances in their bodies.

Somatic movement resolves these problems through a process of creating an awareness of the “amnesic” muscles first, then retraining the brain to retrain the muscles to release and relax back to a new length. The aim is to become more self-aware, self-monitoring, self-regulating and self-healing.