Looking for physio after hip surgery Uxbridge?

It’s a good idea to help your body recover from your hip surgery but don’t just consider physiotherapy. There are many choices when it comes to physical therapy. Osteopathy? Chiropractic? Physiotherapy? Sport massage? For an acute injury these therapies are the most commonly sought.

Why not try Somatics?

For long term muscle tightness, persistent niggles, mobility loss, postural changes and chronic pain affecting multiple areas, and to aid recovery from hip surgery, Somatics offers something different.

If you are looking for physio after hip surgery Uxbridge, why not give Somatics a try? Give us a call today on 0773 444 5000

How is Somatics different from other therapies?

  • It treats the body holistically, addressing muscles, fascia and tissues along the entire chain.

  • It is not therapy, you will learn to deeply perceive the improved body comfort that occur with the movements, and you will learn to recreate this level of comfort for yourself. This allows long-term and sustainable relief that is self-directed.

  • The target is the nervous system and brain, not muscles.

  • The neuromuscular changes brought about by Somatic movement take place at the level of the brain cortex. Hands on work (where the practitioner moves your body) does not involve neo-cortex at all. The cortex is key in that muscular changes are fostered by the nervous system, and are thus incorporated into your neurophysiology, having a lasting effect.

  • There is no stretching. Muscles are ‘pandiculated’: “Pandiculation begins with a conscious voluntary contraction, recruiting the affected muscle or muscle groups to shorten even beyond their habituated tonus. Then, by carefully and deliberately lengthening the muscles from that full contraction, the brain is able to reset the muscle length and tonus. This method gives strong feedback to the brain, allowing it to “refresh” its sensation of those muscles, and to slowly reset length and tonus. The changes in the muscle occur at the level of the nervous system, thereby conferring greater sensation, motor control and coordination. Pandiculation facilitates our muscles relaxing from a contracted state.”

Start re-educating your brain to eliminate pain

A private, one-to-one Somatics assessment is the quickest way to start the re-education of your brain and eliminate pain. Our aim is to restore muscle function, improve freedom of movement, and eliminate your particular pattern of learned muscular pain.
The first one and a half hour Somatics assessment will include:
  • A detailed assessment of your posture
  • Assessment of your gait
  • An assessment of your health history
  • A movement lesson focusing on your particular muscular pain patterns
  • Self-care advice and creation of personal routine for sitting, standing, and daily functional movement

Progressive Sessions

After the initial sessions, subsequent Progressive Sessions of one hour will build on the previous session’s improvement. The goal of these sessions is to teach you to restore easy, comfortable freedom of movement, and to teach you the tools to take care of yourself.

Most conditions can be resolved within 4-6 sessions, whereas more severe conditions (scoliosis and certain cases of trauma) may require more sessions.

In order to learn to improve yourself using the learning tools we provide, you need to be committed to participating in the self-care routine to ensure optimum results and long-term improvement.

If you are looking for physio after hip surgery Uxbridge, why not give Somatics a try? Give us a call today on 0773 444 5000

About me

My name is Lynn, I’m married , have 2 grown up boys. I love all animals and frequently share my house and garden with dogs, ducks and various other species. I enjoy a very busy life and always have a house full of friends and family.

As a Somatic coach and Pilates Instructor I am passionate about what and how I teach. No-one knows your pain better than yourself. I have experienced plenty of pain throughout my body caused by past injuries myself so I know exactly what it takes to manage or eliminate it.

I was trained in Pilates by (Canadian) In-touch Pilates and for Thomas Hanna Somatics coach independently by 2 top and devoted Somatic Educators, Align Somatics with Tanya Fitzpatrick and also Essential Somatics with Martha Peterson. My qualifications:

  • Somatic Movement Coach, SMEC Levels 1 & 2
  • S.A.C.Diplomas Sports Massage level 3
  • Mat Pilates Instructor: Beg/Int/Adv. Pre/post natal, x bands & body rolling.
  • S.A.C. Diploma Massage for Special Needs Level 3 and Aromatherapy

I continue to attend workshops and CPD courses, it keeps me up to speed. There is always new knowledge to learn which can only help me improve.