Take Control

Take control of your body again with Somatics and release and relax the muscles that inhibit your mobility.

Take Control of your body again

Somatics is a safe, gentle and common sense approach to eliminating chronic muscle pain for the long term and helps to take control of your body again. It is the only sensory motor training method that teaches you to reverse the root cause of most chronic muscle pain and gives you strategies to reduce muscle tension and pain in the future. Somatics teaches you, through simple movements, how to relax the muscles that contribute to your pain.

Somatic Movement

Lynn Viccars is a Somatic Movement Education Coach and Pilates teacher. She runs Somatic Movement from her dedicated studio in Ricksmansworth offering one-to-one assessments and small workshops to re-educate your sensory motor system, re-train your muscles, realign your body and eliminate pain.
Studio at Burnside, Troutstream Way, Loudwater, Rickmansworth WD3 4LB
PHONE: 0773 444 5000


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