The Red Light Reflex

reflex1amendedThe Red Light Reflex involves the muscles on the front of the body, which tighten to pull you forward.

This slumping position displays as rounded shoulders, depressed chest and the head jutting forward. It is essentially a protective reflex which is displayed by all vertebrate animals and is an instinctive response to fear, anxiety, prolonged distress or negativity.

A loud noise, unexpected sound or emotional trauma (or long hours hunched over the computer) can cause the muscles of the front of the body to contract suddenly as the body pulls inward in a slumping posture.

If this becomes a habit, it can lead to neck pain, jaw pain, a “widow’s hump,” hip pain, back pain and shallow breathing. Because normal breathing patterns are affected, your brain, blood and muscles don’t get the oxygen they need to function properly.

Long term possible effects are permanent tiredness, depression, anxiety and sleep problems.